The Crest and the Motto

The Crest, the Motto as well as the Verse from Thirukkural, which adorn and express our lives here, but indicate in a large measure what the College represents. The quotation from Thirukkural reads :

From deep pools rise the long-stalked flowers,
So rise from depth of soul men’s powers.

And the Verse containing the Motto thus:

“Saa Vidyaa Yaa Vimukthayea”
(That alone is knowledge which liberates)

The Crest shows the Sun rising above the waters and helping the Lotus to blossom. The Sun and the Lotus are mystic symbols in our faith, associated with different methods of God-realisation.

All the three, the Crest, the Motto and the Verse from Thirukkural stress the basis  of religion for true education. All the best tenets of our religion are implied in these: fearlessness, non-violence, pursuit of Truth, tolerance, and the genius of assimilation.

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