In remembrance of our Contribution to The Nation

Imagine this 100 feet flag-mast in front of our magnificent College entrance marking the Centenary, standing tall, reminding everyone about its connection with the Pre-Independence time.

What’s more than a flag-mast would suit our Institution that has stood the major transformation in this Country since 1919.

Our College has produced countless freedom fighters who have made remarkable contributions to the Independence of our Country. And it has many untold stories that are yet to be known. One such is the story of a proud son of the soil named Arya Bashyam. To know more of his contributions towards independence, click the link below:

Reference Courtesy: Prime Point Foundation Click Here

How can I contribute?

As an Alumnus of this prestigious Institution that has liberated the society from various oppressions such as slavery under the Imperialism and from many such social evils till date, and that has contributed to remarkable transformation in our lives, it may be considered an opportunity to make mark on our institution for years to come,by erecting a 100 ft flag-mast at the majestic Entrance of the College. For this, all we need to do is to contribute as much as we can.

Follow the link below to make your contributions : Click Here