Our Beloved Batch

Here is the schedule and details of our graduation ceremony which will be the memorable and remarkable event of our lives

Registration will start at 8.30 am. With excitement and some nervousness, we will gather at the auditorium. The Chief Guests for the event are well-known Scientists / entrepreneurs and philanthropists who empower the youth. After speeches and convocation, we will receive our scrolls and take legacy photos.

Students who passed out prior to 2021 but awaiting convocation shall apply through this link.

Graduation Day At NCT

Morning Prep

Get Ready

Graduates arrive at the College Auditorium and get into their graduation robes and hats in preparation for the procession and ceremony.

Line Up Walk


Graduates line up in order of their degrees and march into the Auditorium Stage for the graduation ceremony.

Ceremony Start


Graduates take their seats in the stadium as the procession begins with speeches, announcements and finally the awarding of degrees.


Minutes to Minutes Schedules

Graduands are advised to report at the Registration Venue between 8:30 am and 9:30 am to avoid any delay or denials.

Graduands are expected to follow instructions at the registration desk for collecting the robes and seeking their respective seats inside the Auditorium/Venue Hall.

Graduands are expected to understand that the Graduation Ceremony is being arranged after long years and struggles during the working days to enable all the thousands of students to receive the Degree.

Graduands are hereby sensitized to understand that their visit for the purpose is to be considered most important and not to involve in meeting people or gathering around wasting time which may cause unnecessary troubles to the organizing team.

Graduands shall not be permitted to visit or wander around any other place including their parent departments or places within campus to avoid chaos and any time-delay.

Graduands are advised to occupy their respective seats before the auditorium gates are closed at 9.30 a.m.

Bringing children to the ceremony or to the campus on the Graduation Day should be strictly avoided.

No Spot Registration allowed. Only Registered Graduands will be allowed to enter the Auditorium.

Separate seating arrangement will be made to parents accompanying the Graduands. Accompanying people shall not be permitted to sit along with the Graduands.

Parents and others who could not witness the Graduation Ceremony shall watch the LIVE relay. The link of the same shall appear in this site on the day of the ceremony.

Auditorium gates will be closed prior to the academic procession.

Professional photographer will be employed by the institution for taking photographs during the ceremony. Only the official photographer will be allowed to take photographs.

Graduands will be guided by a faculty while receiving the degree certificate from the Chief Guest. Graduands should return back to their respective seats after receiving the degree.

Graduates must adhere to the following dress code: Boys: Formal attire, Tucked-in format Shirt, or suit full suits / blazers with appropriate footwear. Girls: Sarees or Churidhars are expected. Please note that jeans or leggings are not considered suitable attire for this formal occasion.

Graduands are to stand when the Academic Procession enters and exits the Auditorium.

Graduands are requested to remain standing until the Academic Procession has concluded and left the hall.

Maintaining absolute silence during the Graduation function is advised for all graduates.

Graduates are reminded to switch off their mobile phones during the ceremony.

The Graduation Function is a dignified occasion. Graduates are expected to uphold punctuality, discipline, and decorum throughout the event. Your full cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

When the pledge is read by the Principal, the graduands should stand and raise their right hand and repeat the pledge along with the Principal.

When the graduation ceremony is over, all graduands (along with other invitees) should remain standing in their respective places when the National Anthem is played and until the academic procession leaves the auditorium.


Graduates will receive robes in varying colors corresponding to their undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) degrees. [Black robe for UG, Yellow for PG and White for MPhil]

Robes can be obtained from a stall located near the registration counter.


No Hair Coloring Allowed; Must Be Clean-Shaven


Formal Shirt: Full-sleeved with buttons/Suit/Blazer
Formal Trouser
Formal Black Shoes


Each graduate is required to submit a deposit of Rs. 650/- (Rupees Six Hundred and only) for the academic gown and cap. From this, Rs. 500/- will be re-funded with the return of the robe post-ceremony. An amount of Rs. 100/- is retained towards rental charges for the gown and cap, while Rs. 50 for the Photograph.
Graduates are kindly reminded to enter the auditorium wearing their robes to uphold the solemnity of the occasion.

Graduates are kindly reminded to enter the auditorium wearing their robes to uphold the solemnity of the occasion.