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Associate Professor (Commerce)

Dr. K.Kumar is a consummate academician. He is adept at fostering skills among the students. He is a stalwart. Being highly prolific in producing Ph.D, he has produced 19 Ph.D in Commerce. Dr. Kumar K an illustrious Alumnus of this College, was a proactive hostel warden for 8 long years. He was a charismatic vice principal and dean of commerce. He was the Head, Department of Commerce. He made the Commerce department to thrive well and he assumed office as Principal on 10th August 2022. He has been Chief Superintendent of UPSC/TNPSC/ Professional Entrance Examination/ Staff Selection Board etc. He has conducted umpteen number of conferences, seminars and workshops with astute personality as Resource Person. He is vibrant in bringing Innovations in Higher Education by Converting Traditional class room to Smart Class Room, learning through Club activities and industrial collaborations, Introducing certification programmes such as Collaboration with BAJAJ FINSERV - Certificate Program on Banking, Finance and Insurance. He consistently puts strenuous effort to provide quality education. He has launched Two New Degree programmes 1. In collaboration with Logistics Sector Skill, Bachelor of Management Studies in Agri Storage and Supply Chain is an apprenticeship-based 100% Job guarantee Programme. 2. In collaboration with TATA Consultancy Services, B.Com (BPS) Business Process Services is an Industry Integrated 3 years UG Degree Programme. He was the key person in signing 8 Memorandum of Understanding. He puts his heart and soul in everything he does.

Vice-Principal (Aided Programmes)

Dr. Elavarasu R

Associate Professor & Head of English

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Vice-Principal Unaided Programmes (Shift I & II) and Support Services

Dr. Prasanna Balaji D

Director & Head of Physical Education

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Vice-Principal (NAAC & IQAC Responsibilities)

Dr. D.E. Benet

Associate Professor of English

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Dean of Science


Associate Professor of Physics

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Dean of Arts


Associate Professor of Tamil

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Dean of Commerce


Assistant Professor of Commerce

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