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Dr.T.Sureshkumar M.Sc., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil., PGDCA., Ph.D.,
National College (Autonomous),
Dindigul Road,
Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu.
Pin – 620 001.
E-mail: sureshkumart@nct.ac.in
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About Library

The library of National College has a vibrant and long history. It started functioning on a modest scale in a Class Room, with just 470 books during the inception of the college in 1919.

Today, the nearly a century old library boasts of a vast collection of books on a wide range of subjects. The massive collection of about 1,00,000 titles including very rare texts is the pride of National College. In addition, the library provides access to 105 national as well as international journals in print as well as online. In tune with the changing times and technology, the library automation programme was initiated in2010 and networking with the Bharatidasan University Library has been completed.

In addition to the conventional sections such as Stacks, Reference, Circulation, Periodicals, Technical Section Thesis and Dissertation, the building houses a large Audio Visual Theatre, spacious Conference Hall, E-Library, Librarian Chamber and Office. In short, library is a communication centre backed by technology.

Acquisition & Technical Section

The A&T section takes care of the systematic compilation of requirements from the departments, Ordering of Books, Accessioning, Classification, Indexing and processing of books .It also develops bibliographic database of books and other resources.

Circulation Section

Registration of membership, Issue of bar coded ID cards, Issue and Receipt of books, Collection of dues, and No dues certification are handled by this section. Circulation process is fully automated with barcode technology and web enabled OPAC.

Reference Section

The reference section contains general reference like Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Year books, Directories, Gazetteers, Handbooks, Manuals etc., and subject reference books, books for competitive exams, Career development and personality development. The books are mainly meant for in-house academic reference. A separate collection of research oriented books and books for civil services examinations are also maintained.

Periodical Section

It maintains 105 subscribed periodicals, of which 100 are national and 5 are international. The current research information can be accessed through these resources and apart from this; more than 5000 e-journals can be accessed on-line through UGC – NLIST.

Thesis Section

A collection of 1,500 thesis are organized and made accessible to the research scholars. Subject wise List of thesis is readily available with the section in-charge for reference.

Stack Room

The Stack room located at the ground floor facilitates safe custody of valuable books. The stack has been well organized, maintained and arranged using latest edition of Dewey decimal classification for easy retrieval.

The library functions between 6.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m on all working days of the college.

Library General Rules

  • All students of the college are members of the library.
  • Strict silence should be maintained in the library
  • All the students / scholars and outsiders entering the library shall keep their bags and other belongings in the entrance
  • Only papers and library books to be returned are allowed inside the library
  • Do not leave any valuables at the Personnel belonging section.
  • Library is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings
  • Identity card is compulsory for getting access to the library. This should be presented in the electronic gate register during entry and exit
  • Beverages and eatables are not allowed inside the library
  • Using Cell phones inside the library is strictly prohibited
  • No photographs of the library shall be taken without proper authorization
  • Demand and suggestion slips are available at the circulation desk for the users of library
  • Books/other material taken from the stacks should not be re-shelved by the readers. Books should be left on the reading table after use.(Please remember that a document misplaced is a document lost)
  • The librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or any other member

Borrowing Rules

Staff and students can borrow and return the library books using their bar coded identity cards. Books will be issued only on presentation of the Identity card bearing the name, number and signature of the student. In case the card is lost, the Librarian should be informed of the fact at once, failing which the owner of the card will be held responsible for the books issued on presentation of that card. A lost card may be replaced with a duplicate.

A student requiring a book for home reading should fill in an application form to be obtained from the Library Assistant and submit it before 9.40 a.m. The Assistant will ordinarily issue the books, if available, between 2.20 p.m and 5.00 p.m.

Readers must, on receiving a book, examine it, and repost to the library assistant any damage found therein. If they fail to do so, they will be held responsible for any damage that may be detected later.

The book should be returned on or before the due date which is marked on the last page of all library books. Failure to return the books in time will entail a fine of Rs.1/- per book per day.

Students are allowed to take two books for U.G and P.G., three books for M.Phil. and five books for Ph.D.

Books can be returned to the library on any day between 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

All books must be returned on or before the last date of the academic year or the last date of the examination of the student whichever is later.

Students can make use of the Photocopying facility available in the general library.

An exclusive Audio-Visual facility with internet connectivity is available in the library the students are exhorted to make the best use of the library.

  • E-learning service
  • E-Alert service
  • Domain – Specific User Orientation
  • Document Delivery Request
  • Service on Request
  • Multimedia Service
  • E-Reference Desk
  • Photocopying /scanning / printing Service
  • Virtual Reference Library
  • TNPSC Guide line classes
  • Typewriting Classes
  • Movie Screening Audio Visual Theatre
  • Institutional Repositories (Digital version of Rare Books & Question Paper)

Library Centre Floor Plan

Ground Floor

  • Stack-I (Tamil, English and Sanskrit)
  • Stack-II (Economics, History and Philosophy)
  • Stack-III (Physics, Commerce, Management and Hindi)

First Floor

  • E-Gate
  • Librarian Cabin
  • Reference Section
  • Journal section
  • Competitive Exam Section
  • Stack-IV (Botany, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Geology and Zoology)
  • Circulation Desk
  • Reading Hall
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • News Paper Section
  • Notice Board Display
  • Magazine Section
  • Reprographic Service
  • Property Counter

Second Floor

  • Rare Books section
  • Journal Back Volumes
  • Ph.D. and M.Phil Thesis Section
  • Digital Library
  • Audio-Visual Theatre
  • A/C. Conference Hall