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Dr. M.S. Mohamed Jaabir

Associate Professor,
PG & Research Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology
National College (Autonomous),
Tiruchirapalli – 620 001.
Tamil Nadu, India
+91 9786425226 / +91 9514872917


Cell Culture Facility

Early embryonic stages in Mammal - IVF

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How to change the culture medium for animal cells invitro?

Preparing Fermentor for Sterilization Process

Examining primary cell culture for media change

Preparing a Fermentor

Fermentor Design - Stirred Tank & Air-Lift


Principal, National College, Dr. K. Anbarasu and Mr. P. Anandapadmanaban, Managing Director of the Consortium, exchanged the MoU documents in the presence of Chandra Kumar, Managing Director, Kavery Medical Centre and Hospitals, Tiruchi; and K. Ragunathan, College Secretary on 25th August 2011.

‘PG Diploma in Clinical Trial Management and Regulatory Affairs’

in association with our Industry Partner

Consortium Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore


To spearhead the academic training in Clinical Research, Consortium Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore ( has signed an MOU with National College (Autonomous), Tiruchirapalli ( to make Clinical Research training available and affordable to the nearby college students. The Under Graduate / Post Graduate students of Lifescience (Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Microbiology & Zoology), Medical Science (MBBS, BHMS, BAMS, BSMS & BPT), Pharmaceutical Science and Paramedical Science can enter into this emerging field and get benefited by establishing a progressive career not only by entering into Medical Research field but also developing Management capabilities and achieve senior positions in Clinical Research Project Management. (The Hindu News report link)


What is Clinical Research / Trial?

Clinical Research  is the scientific study of safety and efficacy parameters of any new medicines / medical devices / medical processes in human subjects in various phases. These are steps in medical research conducted to allow safety (or more specifically, information about adverse drug reactions and adverse effects of other treatments) and efficacy data to be collected for health interventions (e.g., drugs, diagnostics, devices, therapy protocols). These trials can take place only after satisfactory information has been gathered on the quality of the non-clinical safety, and Health Authority/Ethics Committee approval is granted in the country where the trial is taking place.

Why PG Diploma in Clinical Trial Management and Regulatory Affairs?

Broad regulatory reforms, a sizable and growing pharmaceutical market, combined with highly attractive professional and patient populations, make India a compelling new region for conducting global clinical trials. With basic knowledge in Biotechnology, an application study, professionally recognized and a formal education in Clinical Trial management from a clinical trial industry  can help boost the career which is now growing at a faster rate than IT industry.

What is the advantage at NationalCollege?

National College (Autonomous), Tiruchirapalli, has signed an MoU with Consortium Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore for providing quality and formal education for the students who pursue M.Sc. degree. Weekend classes and industry internship at commercial project site under the supervison of the masters in industry, students can be groomed up for a career. Since, the programme for M.Sc., students starts at II semester and proceeds through III semester, they are qualified for PG Diploma Certificate even before they earn their Masters. Besides, students can take up Summer Projects and MSc projects within the costs of the PG Diploma Programme. When the students come out of M.Sc., they are already a PG Diploma in Clinical Trial Management and Regulatory Affairs. Most of the students also get an opportunity to get placed even before they finish M.Sc. Degree programme. They start earning from the IV semester onwards when they will be doing M.Sc project and also get paid as well.

What are the opportunities in Clinical Trial industry?

Though the entry level compensation as Clinical Research Co-ordinator / Clinical research associate starts from Rs.8,000/- to Rs.10,000/- per month; with couple of years of experience the right candidates can earn up to Rs.30,000/- to 50,000/- per month.

As per projections of various reports, Indian Clinical Research industry may require about 50,000 trained professionals and the global requirement would be approximately 250,000 by 2012 – 2015.   
Career opportunities in Clinical Research Industry is very encouraging.

What is the Growth Rate of this industry in our Country?

With the advent of Patent Protection & Intellectual Property Rights for Pharmaceutical Products in India from Jan 2005, Clinical Research field has grown at an average of 30% CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Ratio).  The fast emergence of Clinical Research field in India also enabled many Clinical Research Organizations, including MNCs, to set up operations and there has been continuous requirement of trained professionals in this field.

Who can pursue study in Clinical Research

There are plenty of progressive career opportunities for Graduates and Post Graduates in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Zoology, Medical Science, Paramedics and Nursing.  Particularly for Lifescience students Clinical Research offers entry into Medical Research field and also progress as Management Professionals with five to seven years of experience.  The performing candidates get plenty of chances to travel abroad and work with global organizations. When these candidates reach General Management positions, they act as major interface among the lab research, animal study phase, clinical research phase, production and marketing.  In fact they will be able to do remarkable contribution in the entire product cycle management.

When is the right time to pursue?

Since B.Sc., Degree is the minimum qualification to enter into Clinical Trial Industry, the right time to pursue a formal education in Clinical Trial Management and Regulatory Affairs would be when you study M.Sc. Degree. As a part-time programme on weekends and semester holidays, an M.Sc. student can best utilize his time at M.Sc. Degree is the best time to qualify for PG Diploma. Since, the student need not compromise on M.Sc. Degree and also need not spend another year after M.Sc Degree, a concurrent programme would be the best to study Clinical Trial Management and Regulatory Affairs.

Who can offer industry based training with on-site experience?

Though there are many trainers and certificate/diploma / degree providers in the country, no body who provides these formal education programme runs a Clinical Project anywhere. Therefore, they cannot obviously provide placement whatsoever. Their training also does not help for winning a job because, they are way too behind the industrial demands and trends.
Best place to get trained and the best trainers are those who also carry out various Clinical Trial Management Programmes for various Drug Trials / Clinical Procedures / Equipment Standardizations at different sites around the Country. That’s what makes Consortium Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, the best destiny when it comes to undergo formal education and training in Clinical Trial Management and Regulatory Affairs.

Can students from other institutes join the Clinical Trial Programme?

Students who have completed BSc or those who are pursuing MSc in other institutes within Tiruchirapalli or around the district are permitted to join the academy. Since the classes are being conducted on weekends alone, students may feel free to join as it would not clash with their regular program/ classes.

How to get to know more about this programme?

Students and aspirants can contact the Programme Co-ordinator at National College and the student Counsellor Dr. M.S. Mohamed Jaabir at his mobile number (0) 9786425226. 
Or call Mr. Anandapadmanaban, Managing Director, Consortium Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, at 99521 66666.




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