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Dr. M.S. Mohamed Jaabir
Associate Professor,
PG & Research Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology
National College (Autonomous),
Tiruchirapalli – 620 001.
Tamil Nadu, India
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Cell Culture Facility

Early embryonic stages in Mammal - IVF

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How to change the culture medium for animal cells invitro?

Preparing Fermentor for Sterilization Process

Examining primary cell culture for media change

Preparing a Fermentor

Fermentor Design - Stirred Tank & Air-Lift


Biotechnology as science, seeks inspiration from life on this earth, making use of the components of it or the processes of it or itself as a whole organism for the betterment of the mankind concerning his lifestyle, health and environment.

Biotech @ NC

Biotechnology as a Degree Programme @ National College

Success of any educational / Degree programme lies on the plight of placement of students in various avenues of the field of interest. Biotechnology is nowhere less when it comes to placement of its students. In-fact, there is a huge demand of ‘trained’ biotechnologists in Research and Industrial sector. To meet the needs for quality biotechnologists and skilled personnel, National College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli, launched M.Sc., Biotechnology programme from the academic year 2011 – 2012.

Biotechnology study best at PG level…

This is something our Indian students ought to know. Pursuing biotechnology is best at the postgraduate level and that too by those who have fundamental knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Biochemistry. This is because, the essential part of Biotechnology, all the employment and research opportunities are wound around the fundamental concepts and their application.

Recognition by UGC, New Delhi…

UGC, New Delhi, has recognized the facilities and expertise available at Biotechnology, National College, Trichy, to launch a Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Bioprocess Technology (PGDBPT). This is a Post MSc / MTech programme being offered principally to turn a naïve biotechnologist into a well-trained industry-ready candidate.


Students need to undergo a proper training in advanced instrumentation techniques and operation of special equipment such as a Fermentor or Bioreactor which the students would get at National College which is all set to establish the Fermentation Facility and other major such facilities such as Animal Cell Culture and Plant Tissue Culture to the research level.

Dual programme for campus placement…

The college is also introduced a concurrent PG Diploma programme for the student at the second semester in Clinical Trial Management and Regulatory Affairs so as to cater the needs of the aspirants of industrial job placements. For this, Consortium Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Under this, project managers, Clinical Research Coordinators at various hospital sites would come to National College Campus every weekend for the purpose of training the students of MSc Biotechnology programme. Due to ever increasing demand for a well-trained Clinical Research candidate, regular campus placements are being organized by this joint venture between National College, Trichy and Consortium Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore.

An opportunity in Medical/Biotechnology Service Industry…

For collaborations in research and academia in the area of Stem Cell Culture and Therapy, Department of Biotechnology at National College, Trichy has a tie-up with Trichy Institute of Regenerative Medicine (TIRM) at Trichy Medical Centre and Hospital, Trichy. Dr. Ramachandran, a leading plastic surgeon is the research collaborator in regenerative techniques using stem cells.

Placement areas to choose from…

Animal cell culture technology is another area where a student learns the basics of exciting field called Stem Cell Culture and ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Ideal laboratory training would eventually facilitate and lead to take up a career in any of these new fields either at research or service level.

Placement awareness…

Be it industrial placement or research, there goes few strategic development and mentoring of the students all along the two years of the degree programme and it the major role of the faculty who would make the students realize the two – years of course is not only for earning a Master’s degree but also to get ready and trained for the job or research thereafter.


For this, well trained, informed and experienced faculty with Doctorate degrees are in the Department. They also have attracted near to about a crore of rupees for various research projects from different funding agencies of our Government. With this, students of the MSc programme is gifted to get exposed to the exercises in research that sets a career in research with a kick-start.

Exquisite training in high-end Instrumentation for industrial placement
Students of MSc Biotechnology programme are most privileged to be trained in all the high-end instruments like the Flow Cytometer, Scanning Electron Microscope, X-Ray Diffraction, GC-MS, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, HPLC, FT-IR, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer etc. Direct training in such instrumentation not only makes them aware of the job opportunities, but also increases their level of confidence to win in industrial job market.

Career Guidance and Placement…
Not every job suits every candidate under the MSc Biotechnology programme. The choices are as wide as the interests of the candidates. Right counselling and guidance of the candidates help them choose jobs from a variety of opportunities in various industries and sectors.




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