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Dr. M.S. Mohamed Jaabir

Associate Professor,
PG & Research Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology
National College (Autonomous),
Tiruchirapalli – 620 001.
Tamil Nadu, India
+91 9786425226 / +91 9514872917

Cell Culture Facility

Early embryonic stages in Mammal - IVF

Gram Staining at Biotech National College, Trichy.wmv

How to change the culture medium for animal cells invitro?

Preparing Fermentor for Sterilization Process

Examining primary cell culture for media change

Preparing a Fermentor

Fermentor Design - Stirred Tank & Air-Lift

Campus placement

Know About Placement
Unlike IT sector and Data-entry /Customer Care Centres, Biotechnology industries rarely demand 10’s and 100’s of candidates. For this reason, no core Biotechnology industries come for campus recruitment. However, our students find employment through references from the department staff who are in alignment with the relevant industries. To strengthen employment opportunities, a weekend programme - PG Diploma in Analytical Techniques (PGDAT) is offered by the NCIF, centre of the College. Students are free to enrol themselves for this weekend programme, wherein, students are completely being taught and evaluated by the industry personnel. Such students and others who spend their time learning analytical techniques find their job much more easily.

Clinical Embryology: By ICMR Guidelines and by formal education, Biotechnology graduates have a wonderful career in Clinical Embryology or Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART). Students who aspire to become Clinical Embryologists also find their placement through experts in the departments. Such students pursue projects in Cell Culture for laboratory skills and then complete an internship in the relevant field / hospitals. 

It is important to understand that those who claim 100% placement and campus recruitment for Biotechnology are not in the core areas of Biotechnology. Data-entry operations, Scientific Proof Reading jobs, Voice and data based IT centres, medical coding and other such jobs are not to be considered Biotechnology jobs.







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