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The most revered historian Edward Hallett Carr in his book, “What Is History?” has quoted, “History is the long struggle of man, by exercise of his reason, to understand his environment and to act upon it. But the modern period has broadened the struggle in a revolutionary way. Man now seeks to understand, and act on, not only his environment, but himself; and this has added, so to speak, a new dimension to reason and a new dimension to history.”

About Us

History was one of the subjects offered when the college was born in the year 1919. Sri.K.Ramanujachariar, the very first Principal of the College was distinguished historian. B.A. History was started in the year 1981.

There are four staff members in the department, out of which one staff member holds Ph.D degree. There are 120 UG students the Department. The dropout rate ranges between 1-2%. Nearly 95% of the students come from families having vocation in agricultural sector. More than 90% of the students belong to BC/SC/ST communities. Many alumni of the department occupy decent employment in various Government and Private Agencies.

The Department offers the B.A. History Programme under Choice Based Credit System. Three staff members are involved in the curriculum development of Bharathidasan University and other Autonomous Colleges.

Since the college adopt semester pattern with Choice Based Credit System, Continuous Internal Assessment system is followed. The students are evaluated periodically by conducting test. The students’ performance is informed to the parents. Students are also counseled by the staff members for the improvement. Students who fail in end of semester University Examination are given remedial coaching.

Purpose of Studying History

The study of history provides a foundation of insightful knowledge, grounded in the humanities and in the social sciences, that is useful to people's personal and professional lives.

Scientists tell us that those who lose their memories have difficulty imagining the future. Time is a fundamental condition of human experience: we are, to a great degree, that which we remember. Time means change, and our environment and our societies have been formed through long-term cultural, political, social and economic processes. Those who would interpret the evolution of modern society must know something about its history.

Students of History gain knowledge and insights into the important processes that have linked regions and countries through social contacts, trade, ideological exchange, migration and war. Today, when world societies are becoming increasingly transcultural, and globalisation and international environmental change are affecting our daily lives, it is all the more important for us to gain knowledge of our shared historical background.

Programmes offered

Programmes Offered
B.A. History

Thrust Areas
Tribal Studies
Modern History
Constitutional History etc.


The general library has more than 3500 books in History.

The department also maintains a Book Bank meant for SC/ST students.

The Department conducts G.Venkatasubramanian Endowment Lecture every year. Noted historians including Sri. Iravatham Mahadevan, Dr. Kalaikovan, Kudavoil Balasubramaniam, Dr. Sathiyamoorthy, Archealogist, and Dr. K. Rajan, have delivered lectures.


Mrs. Kodai Nila A M.A.,M.Phil.,NET.,

Assistant Professor & Head

Contact : 9500913054

E-Mail    : kodainilahistory@nct.ac.in


Assistant Professor

Contact : 9894669819

E-Mail    : chitrahistory@nct.ac.in


The details of Seminars / Workshops organized by the department are provided below.

  • The Department of History conducted Principal Saranathan Memorial Endowment Lecture on 05-07-2011. Dr. Prasannan Parthasarathi, Department of History, Boston College, Massachusetts, USA delivered a lecture on Indian Cotton and the World.
  • The Department of History conducted G. Venkata Subramanian Endowment Lecture-XII on 13-03-2011. Dr.S. Rajavelu, Associate Professor, Department of Under Water Archaeology, Tamil University, Thanjavur spoke on Recent Archaeological Discoveries.
  • The Department of History conducted G. Venkata Subramanian Endowment Lecture on 18-03-2011. Sri. M. Chandra Murthy, Former Deputy Director, Department of Archaeology, Government of Tamil Nadu spoke on Architecture under the Pallavas and Cholas.
  • The 16th Session of the Tamil Nadu History Congress (TNHC) was organized by the Department of History during 9th and 11th October 2009.
  • The Department of History conducted G.Venkata Subramaniam Endowment Lecture on 08-03-2010. Dr.S. Padmanabhan, General Secretary, Kanyakumari Historical and Cultural Research Centre, Nagercoil, Tamilnadu spoke on Mayan Culture in South India and Maayan Culture in Mexico – A Field Study.
  • The 16th Session of the Tamil Nadu History Congress (TNHC) was organized by the Department of History during 9th and 11th October 2009.

The Department of History organized a one-day Symposium on Contextualizing History in the Era of Globalization on 13th of February 2007.