International Conference on Renaissance in Sports


National College, Tiruchirapalli was founded on 11th June, 1919. The founders conceived the idea of a national institution to promote among its youth the highest and the loftiest ideals which constitute the essence of Indian Culture and Nationalism. True to its name, National College continues to impart cultural values and fulfil its role as one of the premiere nation-building institutions of the country. Under the stewardship of eminent scholars and administrators as its principals, the college has grown to become a seat of higher education and has earned a reputation for high moral and educational standards. In fact, it was Principal Saranathan, who had a long stint as its principal, chose the motto of this College - “Saa Vidyaa Yaa Vimukthayea” - which means “That alone is knowledge which liberates,” implying to provide education to the youth of those days to liberate themselves not only from the clutches of colonialism but also from poverty, ignorance, oppression, casteism and so on. The motto has relevance even today as it continues to provide quality education largely to the students of socially and economically backward families from villages nearby with the intent of transforming their lives.
As on date, the College offers nineteen Postgraduate Programmes and twenty-one Undergraduate Programmes. Truly the College has been recognised as one of the Centres of Advanced Learning and has been accorded permission for registering candidates for research leading to the award of PhD degree in fourteen departments. The College ranks 90 in the NIRF 2023 ranking. National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Re-Accredited National College at ‘A+’ Grade in 2016. The University Grants Commission, New Delhi, conferred Autonomous status on the College in 2010. The College has also been conferred the rare distinction of ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ status in 2011. The College has been identified by MHRD, Government of India under Study in India (SII) programme to admit foreign students in various programmes.
Dr. V. Krishnamurthy Educational Foundation, a registered society, is the Managing Agency of the College. The College is managed by a College Committee consisting of fourteen members with Dr. V. Krishnamurthy as its President and Shri. K. Raghunathan as its Secretary.
Currently, the College has 265 dedicated teaching staff, 100 non-teaching staff and about 5000 students on its rolls. It continues to march forward with relentless vigour, keeping its vision and mission clear


ICRS 2024 focuses on the Strategies, Challenges and Choices in the renaissance of modern sports. It envisages the confluence of the best of intellect through discussions and deliberations in the ever evolving field of Sports with a view from Multi-Disciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary approach. The conference provides an opportunity for students, researchers, Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, Teachers, Directors/Deans, Heads of the institution and industry personnel to explore the emerging trends arising out of the digital revolution, and to discuss interesting, innovative and significant practices, trends, practical challenges encountered, researches and theories. The congregation shall analyse the ways for implementing adoptable and observable improvements which have direct impact on sports


Themes and Sub Themes given here are only to assist the authors during choice of domain selection but not limited to the furnished themes and sub themes. The author/s can choose from any domain pertaining to the central theme of the conference “Renaissance in Sports-Strategies, Challenges and Choices”.

Major Themes Sub Themes
Healthcare Ayurveda and Sports
Sport Medicine
Physical Rehabilitation
Impact of Physiotherapy on Performance
Clinical Sports
Sports Injuries and remedies
Orthopaedics and sports medicine
Technology in Sports Technology as Substitutes for Referees and Umpires
Virtual Reality in Sports
Goal Line Technologies
Advanced technology in sports
Software development for sports and games
Sensor Technology in sports
Exciting gadgets in sports
Biomechanics in sports
Mobile apps for sports and Games
AI in sports
Machine Learning Analysis Tools in Sports
Wearable Technologies in sports
Health, Training and Fitness Yoga and wellness
Zumba & Aerobics culture
Sports Nutrition
Sports and Diet Management
Sports and Psychology Training Female Players and Prerequisites
Sports Psychology
Sports and Mental Health
Mentoring in sports
Stress Management through physical activities
Management and Sports Entrepreneurship in sports goods
Sports Management
Soft skills and Human Skills in Sports Coach and Student Relationship
Soft skills for sports
Games- “from Child to Corporate”
History and Sports Indigenous Sports and Games
Methods and Techniques in sports
Sports- The history and evolution
Recent Trends in Games regulations
Adventure Games
Literature in Sports Effective communication in play ground
Sports and Novel
Sports Literature
The science of Sports Biology of sports
Chemistry in sports
Application of Mathematics in sports and games
Outreach in Sports and Games Educational Sports
Job opportunities in sports
Sports and Discipline
Photography and Sports
Advancement in Sports equipment’s
Sports Tourism
“Sports for all” through NSS/ NCC