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The Geology Department

Geology is the study of the Earth, the materials of which it is made of the age and , the structure of those materials, and the processes acting upon them. An important part of geology is the study of how Earth’s materials, structures, processes and organisms have changed over time.

Variety of companies offer job to geologists like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Geological Survey of India (GSI), Central Public Works Department (CPWD), (Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD), Public Works Department (PWD), DGM and many more private and Government Organization with interests on Natural Resource Exploitation. These include: natural resource companies, environmental consulting companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities. Many geologists do field work at least part of the time. Others spend their time in laboratories, classrooms or offices. All geologists prepare reports, do calculations and use computers.

Generally, Master’s degree is required for entry level employment. The research degrees provide a higher level of training, often in a geology specialty area such as paleontology, mineralogy, hydrology or volcanology. Advanced degrees will often qualify the geologist for supervisory positions, research assignments or teaching positions at the College / University level. These are some of the most sought after jobs in the field of geology.

Employment opportunities for geologists are very good. Most geology graduates with a strong academic background and good grades have no trouble finding employment if they are willing to move to a location where work is available.

The Department of Geology was started in the year 1961 with the introduction of B.Sc. Programme. M.Sc. Programme was introduced in the year 1983, M.Phil in 2007 and Ph.D in 1995 There are 9 staff members in the department and 7 of them hold Ph.D Degree.

Tracing the history...

Department was started in the year 1961 with B.Sc. Geology programme. Prof. N. Natarajan was the founder Head of the Department. He, with the team of three staff members – Dr. K. Ramamoorthy, Dr. S. Sathyamoorthy and Dr. P.R. Srinivasan, successfully conducted the department for two decades. The Department was elevated to PG level in June 1983. The Department was affiliated for offering M.Phil and Ph.D. progamme in 1995 Dr. K. Anbarasu joined the Department in 1982. In 1984, after the introduction of the PG programmeDr V. Kumar, Dr. R. Baskaran, Sri. S.T. Venkatraman, Dr. V. Subramaniam, Dr. R. SELVARAJ, Sri. S. Sivakumar joined the Department.

The Department of Science and Technology has identified the department for the FIST support. Rs.30,00,000/- has been sanctioned for establishing Instrumentation and Computer Laboratory.

The Department has 86 B.Sc. Students, 28 M.Sc. Students, 3 M.Phil students and 9 Ph.D Scholars. Most of the students come from nearby villages from agrarian communities. Many alumni of the department occupy prestigious positions in Geological Survey of India, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Atomic Mineral Division, Central Ground Water Board, Coal India Limited, Department of Geology and Mining (Govt. of Tamilnadu), Tamil Nadu Water and Drainage Board, Public works Department, various universities, research institutions, private organizations and Government departments.

The Pass percentage is around 70 – 75% for under graduate programme and 100% for post graduate programme. The dropout rate ranges from 1- 2%.

There are 2000 books available in the College library in the Geology section.

Journals subscribed in the Department

  • Indian Journal of Earth Sciences
  • The Indian Geographical Journal
  • Current Science
  • Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Earth & Planetary Sciences
  • The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Association and Research Centre
  • Indian Institute of Geomorphologists
  • Journal of the Indian Association of Sedimentologists
  • The Indian Mineralogist
  • Journal of the Geological Society of India
  • Bhu-Jal News : CGWB
  • Interface : NRSA,
  • Memoirs : GSI

There is a Computer Laboratory in the Department established with the support of DST-FIST scheme. Though teachers adopt mainly chalk and talk method, they also use power point presentation frequently. An Interactive Board is also used by the staff members.

25 Research papers have been published by the staff members in the last five years.

Over 5 candidates have been awarded Ph.D degree in the department since 2007.

Geology Museum

There is a Museum in the department that keeps specimens of Rocks, minerals, fossils, ores, crystals and other geological materials. DST has also approved a proposal to establish an exclusive museum of Fossils of Ariyalur. The Project is underway. Every year students from various parts of India visit the museum before they go to Ariyalur Fossil regions


Programmes offered

Programmes Offered
B.Sc., Geology
M.Sc., Applied Geology
M.Phil. Geology
Ph.D. Geology
Diploma in Gemmology
Thrust Areas
Coastal Geomorphology
Micropaleontology and Coastal Ecology
Beach Placer Evaluation
Petrology and Geochemistry
Environmental Geology
Remote Sensing and GIS


Laboratories And Facilities

  • A separate geochemical Lab with adequate facilities, which can be, used both for geochemical and sedimentological analysis is available.
  • An optical Lab for optical and microscopic studies
  • A separate room with infrastructure facilities for carrying out the research projects
  • Section cutting facility

Instruments available

  • Flame Photometer;
  • pH Meter
  • Conductivity Bridge
  • D/O analyser
  • Electronic Monopan Balance
  • Electric Oven
  • Set of sieves with sieve shaker
  • Overhead Projector; Automatic Slide Projector and Manual Slide Projector
  • Petrography Slide Projector
  • Pentax 1000 Camera
  • Global Positioning System
  • Binocular stereo Microscopes : 5 Nos. (Micropalaeontological studies)
  • Petrological Microscope (Leitze) : 6 Nos.
  • Ore Microscopes : 2 Nos.
  • Pocket Stereoscopes : 15 Nos.
  • Mirror Stereoscopes : 2 Nos.
  • Parallax Bars : 2 Nos.
  • Aerial Photographs : 100 Nos.
  • Satellite images : 50 Nos.
  • Survey equipments : Complete set

Geology Museum

Valuable collection of minerals, rocks, ores, fossils and crystal models are displayed in racks of the department museum.


Ongoing Project

Title :Field Investigations for shore line management project along the coastal stretch between Poovar and Thuthukudi, Tamil Nadu Coast.

Principal Investigator :Dr. S. Selvaraj, (Assistant Professor)

Funding Agency :National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), Chennai.

Duration :15 months

Sanctioned Amount:Rs. 22,43,000/-

Funded Projects (Completed)

S.No Name of the Investigator Funding Agency Title of the Project Date Amount (in Rs.)
1 Dr.R.Baskaran, Dept.of Geology DOD - OSTC (Major) Exploration and Beneficiation Studies on viable Silica Sand Deposits around Marakkanam, Tamil Nadu. 18-03-2002 9,71,120
2 Dr. V. Kumar, Dept.of Geology DOD - OSTC (Major) Benthic Foraminifera as a Pollution Indicator in the Gulf of Mannar, off Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. 29-11-2002 4,61,725
3 Dr.K.Anbarasu, Dept.of Geology DST - NRDMS Geomorphological evolution of the coast of Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu, since Quaternary. 09-03-2004 10,46,000
4 Dr.K.Anbarasu, Dept.of Geology DST - SERC Mapping of areas of inundation – Pitchavaram and Marakkanam. 03-03-2005 3,22,000
5 Dr.R.Baskaran, Dept.of Geology DST Mapping of areas of inundation – Karaikkal. 04-03-2005 4,60,000
6 Dr. V. Kumar, Dept.of Geology DST - SSS Floraminifera as a tool to study the shallow subsurface and the Quarternary Geology of the Cauvery Delta region. 17-01-2006 10,84,000
7 Dr.K.Anbarasu, Dept.of Geology DST-SSS Textural Characteristics of Shallow subsurface and Quaternary sediments of Cauvery delta 17-01-2006 18,48,981
8 Dr.D.Sivakumar, Dept.of Geology DST - FTS Contemporary Foraminifeal Distribution in Pitchhavanram Mangorves, East Coast of India-Implication for Sea Level Changes. 07-03-2006 14,16,000
9 Dr.K.Anbarasu, Dept.of Geology CSIR Exploration for buried placer and silica sand deposits in the Quaternary sediments of the Vaigai and Tambrabarani deltas. 07-04-2006 5,32,000
10 Dr.K.Anbarasu, Dept.of Geology DOD Establishment of National Early Warning system for Tsunami & storm surges in Indian Ocean. 01-11-2006 12,30,000
11 Dr. V. Kumar, Dept.of Geology DST-SERC Benthic formainfera as a tool for Environmental impact assessment and sediment transport - A case study for the inner self of Gulf of Mannar, Southeast Coast of India. 14-02-2007 10,68,000
12 Dr.K.Anbarasu, Principal DST SERC Neotectonic activity along the coast of Northern Tamil Nadu. 25-11-2008 9,60,000

Funded Projects (Completed)

S.No Name of the Investigator Funding Agency Title of the Project Date Amount (in Rs.)
1 Dr. K. Anbarasu, Dept. of Geology U.G.C. (Minor) Groundwater Assessment for Drinking water Needs in Lalgudi Taluk, Tiruchirapalli Dist., Tamil Nadu. March 2003 40,000
2 Dr. N.Jawahar Raj, Dept. of Geology UGC (Minor) A Comprehensive assessment of Drinking water availability and quality in the kodavur watershed of Karur District. February 2005 57,000
3 Dr .D. Srinivasan, Dept. of Geology UGC (Minor) Geographical and Geochemical study of the aqifer system in vayyampatti union manaparai taluk, Tiruchirapalli District March 2008 98,000
4 Dr. V. Kumar, Dept. of Geology U.G.C. (Minor) Impact of Coastal Environment on Benthic Foraminifera from the Shelf Sediments of Bay of Bengal, off Nagapatinam, Southeast Coast of India. March 2003 50,000
5 Dr. D. Srinivasan, Dept. of Geology U.G.C. (Minor) Groundwater Exploration in Musiri and Kulittalai Taluks of Tiruchirapalli District. March 2004 45,000



Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Other Events

The Department of Geology organized a workshop on Image Processing and GIS Techniques in Geology on 2nd & 3rd August 2013.

The Department of Geology and Tiruchirapalli Tamil Sangam jointly organized a series of lectures on Wonders of Earth during 13-17 February 2012.

One day Workshop on Environmental Protection was organized by the Department of Geology on 30-01-2012.

The Department of Geology and Tiruchirapalli Tamil Sangam jointly organized a series of lectures on Wonders of Earth from 01-02-2011 to 05-02-2011.

Workshop on Environmental Protection was organized jointly by the Department of Geology and public works Department on 24th September 2010.

XXII Indian Colloquium on Micropaleontology and Stratigraphy was organized by the Department of Geology for three days from 16-18 December 2009 with financial support from UGC, DST, MoES, CSIR and National College.

The Department of Geology and Tiruchirapalli Tamil Sangam jointly organized a Series of Lectures on "Wonders of Earth" from 02.03.2009 to 07.03.2009 at Tamil Sangam Building. A Total of 6 lectures were delivered by the faculty members of the Department of Geology.

The Department of Geology and Tiruchirapalli Tamil Sangam have been organizing jointly a Series of Lectures on Wonders of Earth since last year. This year, the programme was organized from 08.02.2010 to 13.02.2010 at Tamil Sangam Building. A Total of 7 lectures were delivered by the faculty members of the Department of Geology.

National Workshop on Applications of Micropaleontology in Environmental and Energy Resource Management during 14-12-2009.

DST Sponsored Workshop on Coastal Non-Living Resources from 13th to 15th March 2008.

UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Coastal Zones of India on 6th and 7th December 2007.

TNSCST Sponsored Orientation Programme on Geo-Science for School Teachers from 05-09-2007 to 07-09-2007.

Outreach (Consultancy services / Extension)

The department has been providing free consultancy for groundwater exploration. Such help was rendered to Shrimati Indira Gandhi College (1988), Jesus Infant School (1989) and Saranathan College of Engineering, Panjapur (1999). Some of our old students are self-employed as groundwater consultants and Granite experts.

Specimens of minerals, rocks and fossils (from out of our field collection) have been donated for display in schools and colleges. Our students have participated and presented stalls in the science exhibitions organized by the Metallurgy Department of the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli (1988), Alagappa Government Arts College, Karaikudi (1997), Annai Indira Higher Secondary School, Muthukulam (2001), Campion Higher Secondary School, Tiruchirapalli (2000), Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya Matriculation School, Gundur (2003) and the 2 (TN) ARMD SQN NCC (2001, 2002 & 2003).

Inputs are given to the sister institutions when they seek assistance for doing the interdisciplinary projects. The faculty provided guidance for the students of Campion Higher Secondary School, Tiruchirapalli for submitting project reports in connection with a Science Forum Competition (1998), organized by the Education Ministry. One of the participants secured first place in the State level and came second at National level.

The faculty presented the research material and gave field support for a Doordarshan programme on "Geological Heritage of the Ariyalur Region in Tamil Nadu" produced by "Vilambara" for "Surabhi" telecast during February 1996.

Interaction with NGO´s:

Faculty in the department coordinated with the ´Cauvery Protection Council´ and AREAD to evaluate the impact of sand mining on environment during 1999 and 2001. In the preparation of the DST funded status report during January, 2001 on "Groundwater Quality" in Tiruchirapalli, representatives from NGO´s were co-opted along with the officials of Tiruchirapalli Corporation and Tamil Nadu State Pollution Control Board.

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