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Rules and Regulations



Rules and Regulations

The college lays great emphasis on decent behaviour from every student.

Each student shall be neatly dressed with shoes. Wearing T-Shirts must be avoided.

Every student shall always wear his/her identity card within the campus and present it for inspection on demand.

The College begins at 8.30 a.m. and closes at 1.20 p.m. with a recess for 15 minutes between 11.15 and 11.30 p.m. At the first bell, students should go to their respective classes. No student should leave the class room during a lecture without the permission of the teacher.

Students must produce leave letter for their absence with the signature of the parent / guardian. The letter format is available on the College website.

Students can avail ‘On-Duty’ only after producing the requisition form duly signed by the Head of the Department. The form may be obtained from the College website

Students should attend meetings, functions and other activities of the college in time.

Students must not loiter in the verandahs, lunch sheds, sit on the steps of porticos and stair cases during class hours.

During the unexpected absence of the teacher concerned, students should remain silent in their classroom.

Scribbling on the walls and desks or doing any other kind of damage to the college property is strictly prohibited. Students responsible for any such wanton damage will be severely punished.

No meeting of any kind shall be held within the College campus without the prior written permission of the Principal.

No money shall be collected by students from their classmates without obtaining prior permission from the Principal.

No student shall take part in any agitation directed against the authorities or the Government.

No notice / pamphlets / brochures of any kind shall be circulated among students or pasted on the Notice Board without the prior written sanction of the Principal.

Students shall not indulge in any kind of malpractices in the examinations.

Students must not mis-use electronic gadgets like laptop, cell phones, pagers walkmans, discmans, ipods etc. within the college premises.

Students should not resort to any unlawful activity that will disrupt the peaceful academic atmosphere within campus. Severe action will be taken against those who indulge in such unlawful activities.

As per Tamilnadu Government letter No.4338 / A2 / 2005- 1, dated 21.02.2005 and Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy letter No. 5576/ R / c.c.c.d / Sl.2005, dated 04.03.2005 (the Central Government Order) smoking as well as use of tobacco in any form is strictly prohibited inside the campus.

Day scholars using two-wheelers should park their vehicles only in the student’s parking area. Students should keep their vehicles duly locked and the College will not be responsible for any loss of vehicles. Students are not permitted to ride on two-wheelers within the campus.

No student is allowed to have private tuition with any Staff Member of the college.

For organizing functions, conferences, meetings or any other gathering of this kind, they should get prior permission of the Principal. It is mandatory for every student to receive prior permission of Principal for publishing any matter related to college.

No student shall send any information concerning the college for publication either to the press or elsewhere without prior approval of the Principal of the college, nor shall he/she approach the any other authorities except through the college Principal. Any breach of this rule may lead to outright expulsion of the student.

Under the Government’s Educational Rules, the Principal has absolute right to penalize or suspend or dismiss any student found guilty or gross misconduct inside or outside the college campus.


General Instructions for Students

Students are expected to look at the notice boards every day.

Students are advised keep the College Office / Department concerned informed about any change in their local / permanent addresses / contact numbers (landline / mobile).

Payment of tuition fee:

The tuition fee shall be paid in one lumpsum for each semester on or before the tenth working day of the semester or the date fixed for the payment. Thereafter, it can be paid with an additional levy of Rs.10/- and a fine of Rs.5/- for each working day. However, names of students who have not paid the full fees before the 30th working day of the Semester (or the last day fixed for payment with fine) are liable to be struck off the rolls. Such students will be readmitted only on payment of the entire due amount of fees with fine along with Rs.50/- a readmission fee. This rule is applicable also to holders of scholarships and beneficiaries of any awards. Fees have to be paid by the students only at the Extension Counter of Indian Overseas Bank at National College after getting the filled up chalans from the College office. Absence from College with or without leave will not be accepted as an excuse for non-payment of tuition fees on the due dates.


Fee concessions and other scholarships are awarded to SC / ST / MBC / DNC / BC students of the P.G. and U.G. Classes as per the prescribed Government rules. Students are eligible for the scholarship fund only when they have the required percentage of attendance in attending classes.


Syllabus of all programmes may be downloaded by the students from the College Website (UG Syllabus / PG Syllabus ). Students are informed to browse the College site for regular updates and make use of the facilities available through ‘students portal’.


Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each hour. Late comers will not be admitted to the class without an admit - chit from the Head of the Department / Principal. A student who is not in the class when attendance is taken will be marked absent. Students should produce leave letters for absenting themselves from the class, duly signed by Parent or Guardian. A fine of Rs. 5/- for everyday will be collected for absence without leave.

Name of the student who is continuously absent without leave for six working days or more is liable to be struck off the rolls. He / She will be eligible for attendance only on re-admission. Students should not abstain themselves for tests and examinations. Absentees will be severely dealt with attendance.

Certificates shall be granted only to students who have attended for 75% of the number of working hours for the semester provided they have completed the programmes of instruction to the satisfaction of the authorities and their progress and conduct have been satisfactory. Application for exemption from the production of Attendance Certificates (in case of shortage of attendance) will not be recommended as a matter of course unless the Principal is satisfied that the shortage was due to causes beyond the student’s control.

Number of working days in each semester is not less than 90 days. As per the rules, students must have 75% of attendance in each course for appearing in the examinations. Students who fail to put in the required minimum attendance will have to re-do the semester(s) after completion of the programme. Students who have shortage of attendance in the I semester may not be permitted for the II Semester. They have to re-do the I semester with minimum attendance and then progress to II Semester.


Any student who wishes to obtain Certificates like Programme of Study, Transfer, Conduct etc. must apply for it in the prescribed form in writing along with the prescribed fee. They will be issued only on 24 hours notice to the Principal. Provisional Pass Certificates and Migration Certificates can be obtained only from the University.

College Associations:

All the students of the College should become a member of one or more of the Association(s) which provide opportunities for developing co-curricular and extra - curricular talents. The Principal, the Ex-officio President of each Association, nominates a teacher as the Vice-President for each Association. The details of various associations and staff in-charge may be found in the hand-book under academic committee’s section. Students are advised to contact the respective staff in-charge to enroll under these activities or associations.