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Department of Statistics



History and Profile of the Department

Statistics department was established as an under-graduate department in 2018 with 5 students and 1 faculty member. On this centenary year celebration, the department had grown leaps and bounds to reach the current strength of 93 students with 4 faculty members in 2022 - 2023 academic year.The computer system supports the standard statistical software SPSS 19.0.

The students will have sample opportunities to get themselves fully trained in the use of these software which will guarantee them immediate placement alter graduation. The salient feature of the department is the practical training both manually and computer based system is given to the students by way of Socio economic Surveys with NSSO. The faculty of the department serves various other departments by way of teaching allied and elective courses and providing consultancy services.


To promote the study and dissemination of knowledge of Statistics, to develop statistical theory and methods and their use in research and practical application generally with special reference to problems of planning of national development and social welfare. With view to the mutual development of Statistics and these Sciences, to provide for and undertake the collection of information, investigation, projects and operational research for the purposes of planning and the improvement of efficiency of management of production. To impart knowledge on the theoretical and application aspects of statistics. To train the students in the application oriented aspects using statistics.


To open student’s minds to the power, beauty and utility of the statistics and to develop their conceptual understanding, problem solving ability and analytical thinking skills. To empower the students to contribute to the world of Statistics by their inventions.


To develop their conceptual understanding, problem solving ability and analytical thinking skills to meet the demand of higher education and job market

To create opportunities for more employment, Strengthening practical knowledge in the subject

To promote more Statistics with Computer Applications Knowledge among students and to bring out the latent talents of the students


Programmes offered

Programmes Offered
B.Sc. Statistics





  • The Chief Guest Prof. V. C. Malarmannan, Professor, Department of MBA, Bharathidasan University school of Management, Trichy delivered a lecture on 2nd August, 2019, Friday about “Scope & Opportunity for Statistics”. He shared many inspirational ideas on statistical tools and explained them through games. He expressed good concepts on various opportunities through his good will, appreciation, motivation, support, and positive vibration
  • The Chief Guest Dr. B. Senthil Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Periyar EVR College, Trichy delivered a lecture on 28th August, 2019, Wednesday about “Application of Statistics in real life”. He explained how to apply statistical tools in different fields such as Economics, Business, Medicine and real life. Also, he thought how to apply measures of central tendency concepts in real life situation and shared his opinion on various statistical packages like SPSS, R Package, SAS, and so on. His clear and motivational lecture attracted the students very much.
  • The Chief Guest Kalaiaravi. P. Kalaimani, Deputy Director (Retired), Statistical Department, District collector office, Trichy delivered a lecture on 6th February, 2020, Thursday about “Scope & Opportunity for Statistics in TNPSC”. He instructed how to trace TNPSC/ vise recruitment through exams. He thought us, about the important and needs of Statistician / Statistical Analyst / Risk Analyst positions in State Government as well as Central Government sectors. He gained how to present our self in Interview panel and gave some tips regarding that. He referred books for TNPSC / UPSC recruitment and gave the outline of the exam syllabus



Report on architect statistical field work at srirangam

We, the department of statistics organized architect statistical field work on the sculptures present at Srirangam temple with 15 students and 2 faculty members on 28.02.2020 (Friday) between 10 A.M to 4 P.M.

The students were separated in groups (both 1st and 2nd year students) and students were directed to collect data and analysis them and interpret the results from the collected data. In this field work, the students were understood the use of descriptive statistics in the learning activities. The knowledge gained after the implementation of descriptive statistical technique may be helpful for the students to enhance the ideas about theories. Throughout, this visit the students gained a good theoretical and practical knowledge about Measures of central tendency (Mean, Median, and Mode) and Measures of dispersion (Standard deviation, variance).

Students Suggestion

  • The students had a great experience throughout this field work. The students learned how to apply the formulas practically. They also learned how to collect data using different methodology
  • Although the field work was knowledgeable, the place chosen could have done better. This field work can be conducted as a survey so that students would understand the concept of collection of data in better way
  • The students should also keep up the timing. If everyone had reached in correct time, we could even spend more time there
  • For future work, we will refine our techniques in order to get more valuable and accurate outputs that would be, useful for students to improve the learning outcomes



B.Sc. Statistics (2018 – 2021)
I Semester 100%
II Semester 100%
III Semester 100%
B.Sc. Statistics (2018 – 2021)
I Semester 81%

Future Plan

  • To become a reputed Research Centre in Statistics
  • To conduct International & National Conferences/Seminars
  • To undertake more Minor/Major Research projects
  • To establish Statistical Laboratory


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Diploma Programmes
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Bioprocess Technology
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